Nagios® Connector – Always informed

Especially in large footprint installations, infrastructure monitoring is a major issue, to sucessfully manage, often, hundreds or thousands of device installed nationally or internationally on remote sites.

The “Nagios® Connector” add-on is especially designed to solve this challenge. The add-on reports at customizable frequency the status of the remote devices to a central Nagios® server by device name. Several values are checked and reported to the central server.

Please note, that the “Nagios® Connector” also is involved in our IOT – products, like “Temperature Sensors”.

Enabling Nagios® on Display Box 2

Enabling WPITCOM Display Box Software is simple. By entering the secure URL of the server and it’s token, the setup is nearly finished.

For this purpose, the WPITCOM Display Box Software interactive configuration is used:

WPITCOM Nagios Connector

WPITCOM Nagios Connector

Nagios® Services

The “Nagios Connector” frequently checks the following data at remote site and reports the values to the Nagios® serverm.

WPDB Nagios Services

WPDB Nagios Services

Some values can only be retrieved if a professional screen system from supported manufacturers is connected via serial RS232 interface, these value currently are the screen model and the panel temperature.

Defining values for checking

Some of the threshold values for the different metrics can be customized, like screen resolution, disk used and panel temperature. Also here, if the values exceed the defined ranges, the “Nagios® Connector” automatically changes the general state of the Nagios® device to alert status.

For more details, please consider to contact our customer service.

Available license models

  • License purchase
  • Rental
  • Try-and-buy limited time

Required / Dependend Modules

  • WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 Core License ( Demo or Productive )