Some selected products and services

Consulting - Business workflows
Providing the best organisational or technology solutions for your business.

Reponsive Corporate Websites and Portals
Professional and repsonsive web sites and portals for your customer communcation.

Professional and effortable webshops
Desig, setup and integration of professional webshops for your online store.

In-Store Advertising & Digital Signage
Boost sales by Digital Signage - from printing, posters to In-Store-TV on screens.

Why choose WPITCOM

About 30 years of experience in the professional IT of our leading staff brought up a lot of experience in the areas of effiency in operation as well as cost of ownership of different systems like ERP and CRM-Systems as well in services and strategic development, like in the web area. As we came originally from the mid-size and larger processing enviroments, we strongly follow structured and standardized procedures in order to implement and design long lasting and cost efficient solutions.

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Where our customers come from

Industry 20%
Retail and Wholesale 30%
Service and Hospitality 20%
Others 15%
IT Companies 15%

Recent Posts

4POS Check-Out Systems and Digital Signage Solutions

New partner for Digital Signage Systems

WPITCOM is pleased to welcome a new partner. 4POS AG 4POS AG is based in Switzerland and is a well-known

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NEXGEN - WPITCOM Partner in Germany

New partner for Germany

We are happy to present a new partner for Germany. NEXGEN smart instore GmbH is a known specialist for digital

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NORDLAND - WPITCOM Partner in Germany

New partner for Germany

We are happy to present a new partner for Germany. The NORDLAND systems GmbH, based in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg in

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GrupoLevssa - WPITCOM Partner in Guatemala

New partner for Guatemala

We are happy to present a new partner for Guatemala. The GrupoIevssa is a Guatemala based technology company, originally specialized

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Publicidad interactiva con MUPI y OPPI

Interactive Advertising

WPITCOM Display Display Box Software makes your advertising system open for input and output WPITCOM announces its new product DisplayEngine

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Odroid XU4

Odroid XU4 – Display Box Software – released

Display Box Software now fully supporting Hardkernel Odroid XU4 WPITCOM announces that now Hardkernel’s Odroid XU4 is fully supported by

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WPITCOM is Collax Business-Partner

Business Partnership with Collax for Virtualization Products

Virtualization products for SMB WPITCOM now is sales partner of Collax, Munich, Germany for Central America. Powerful and easy to

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Promotion data portal

WPITCOM integrates Media Download Portal

BrandLogistics.NET Media Download Portal WPITCOM launched End of 2017 the new and full responsive media download portal product for BrandLogistics.NET,

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Raspberry Pi3b with PRESTIGEenterprise

PRESTIGEenterprise digital signage on Pi3 RASPBERRY

Instore media and digital signage on Pi3 Raspberry WPITCOM SA today announced that now the well-known software product for IN

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Partnership Hardware & Service Guatemala

Hardware and Service partnership We are pleased to announce that we recently agreed on a partnership with the Guatemala City-based

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