MultiEvent Connector – Interactive kiosk solutions

This add-on to the WPITCOM Display Box 2 is an extended function for the WPITCOM Display Box software, with which designers can create interactive kiosk applications based on a system configuration. This event handler can be defined for different input sources.

  • GPIO General Input Sources (Pins)
  • Touch-screen activity
  • keyboad-Events – with optional restrictions of the input device
  • Mouse-Events – with optional restrictions of the input device

Typically GPIO input pins or keyboard devices are used to act as switches or triggers for the presentation of playlists for “Product A”, “Product B”, “Product C”. Alternatively, passive or interactive website URLs can be assigned to the buttons.

Each press of the button triggers an event on the basis of which a playlist with more information for the respective product is triggered. After the product presentation has been completed, the system automatically returns to the standard playlist, which usually shows general advertising or other information.

Finally, a configurable timeout function enables the WPITCOM-Display Box to stop the current product presentation in order to return to the standard playlist if the user is inactive. User activity is normally registered via keystrokes, mouse movements or mouse clicks – the user’s input is neither evaluated nor saved.

Special functions have been integrated to query keyboard devices directly at a low system level and to trigger messages (events) directly at high speed. This method can also be used to include or exclude specific devices.

Please take a look at our product “Infinity Presenter” – if you are interested in an interactive selection of up to 24 products without the need for programming in the company.

Sending events to multiple devices

The add-on supports sending the locally received event to up to 128 other devices in order to trigger the same event on these devices too, so that a hardware component can act as the master source for all other defined devices based on its IP4 network address.

Activate external devices

The “Basic Eventhandler Package” is also the “bridge” to the Add-On “Hardware Director”, which can be configured so that the messages / events sent via the “Basic Eventhandler Package” are intercepted and external devices, connected to a GPIO port of the supported system, are switched on or off, so that even demanding digital projects can be designed without further programming.


Because of the multitude of options, configuring this add-on can be a little more challenging. For this reason, we recommend reading the comprehensive document carefully before starting the configuration yourself. If in doubt, please contact our customer service directly.

h3 style=”margin-top: 30px”>Available license models

  • License purchase
  • Rental
  • Try-and-buy limited time

Required / Dependend Modules

  • WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 Core LiZenz ( Demo or Productive )
  • PRESTIGenterprise DiaplayEngine Eventhandler (required)
  • Hardware Director (optional)
  • GPIO Interface – all variants (optional)