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Digital Signage on screens and other media found their way into retail and service stores in the last years, enriching the customer communication at focus points to either inform about services or new or promoted products. Much has been learned from actual results of studies in customer and human behavior – often referred to as Neuro-Marketing.  Creating the right communication with the customer can be useful for the customer and the shop owners to efficiently and successfully present offers and promotions.

Sucessfull in-store-communication and promotion is based on a multi-channel communication of different media like posters, stoppers and screen systems - and most importantly - consistently accross these media ...

Inform and lead the customer

For example, a customer comes into your shop – some come with a list, others not. But nevertheless, studies have shown that even shopers coming with lists, often buy more than really is on the list – emotional and well placed recommendations can lead to increased sales. The point is that there are certain best-practice rules on what, when, where and how this information should be communicated to the customer in order to gain the optimal result.

Repeating the message

Repeating the message in-store often is essential – on different media in the customer common walk path – but customer categories often change over the day, and so their demand. Changing all printed material frequently over the day is in deed not possible. Here the screen systems are powerful.  You can program your playlists  to show repeated offers or at different time over the day – therefore focusing more precisely. You can also change the offers during the day to products and offers more suitable to your changing actual customer categories.

Screens do not replace printed material

Although screens are a flexible thing, they also have some disadvantages for retailers currently. First of all the necessary power and eventually network cabling – if needed, must be considered. Also consider the weight, often the sizes and always the power consumption. And consider printed materials because most cost-efficient screens should not be used in wet or deep freeze cells. Therefore the combination of transitionally printed posters, labels or stoppers build up the multi-channel retailing strategy.

Template oriented system save time

Traditionally, promotion material was designed individually by your marketing department and then transferred in printed form to the stores.

Modern systems are based on templates, pictures and videos and an article database, either allowing the local stores to change text, pictures or prices - or not. The advantage is clearly to see in the speed, the flexibility and the possibility to act right away when communication is needed.

Using Point of Sale systems the templates are normally designed by the marketing department in the head office, but now the article data is imported into your system, as well as the correct and up-to-date pictures and videos.   That can be a very significant savings to your company.  Combined with a Windows PC and an attached printer, the in-store-communication is powerful and complete. It is multi-channel compliant.

One system should supply printers as well as screens from one source of product and media data – this approach leads to cost-efficiency and ease-of-operation as well. So by just selecting a different template, the same information should be visualized automatically as desired without having to think about changing anything in the layouts.  Then instantly send your materials to all your stores as needed.

The solution: PRESTIGEenterprise

The modern and in Europe well-known standard solution for multi-channel In-Store-Communication is PRESTIGEenterprise from Online Software AG in Germany.  They are one of the leading software solutions on the international market for retailers.

Some usage areas of centrally controlled digital signage

Banking /


PRESTIGEenterprise is a highly efficient web-based solution for cross-media communication at the POS. The software fits perfectly to your IT environment and manages the entire content and distribution process, from design, to scheduling or print planning. It provides the best functionalities for in time customer communication and higher sales volume.

Cross-media price and marketing communication at the POS

PRESTIGEenterprise turns classic pricing into effective in-store marketing. You design your advertising messages quickly, easily and professionally on screen, either at the head office or optionally at branch locations. The result is displayed in your preferred publishing medium: in print form as labels, shelf talkers, handouts, posters or billboards. And digitally on large monitors, scale displays, kiosk systems, as electronic shelf labels (ESL) or on mobile devices.

Powerful within huge branch organisations

PRESTIGEenterprise especially reveals its strengths with complex branch structures. For example: you can design and manage the complete POS price and marketing communications for 100 outlets with 200 digital displays, 300 printers, 400 scales and countless electronic shelf labels.

Extensive standard services

PRESTIGEenterprise has extensive price formatting options for perfect price communications at the POS: e.g. intelligent layout dynamics, crossed out old prices as well as automatic calculation of base prices. In addition, the software’s standard features also include displaying barcodes and the automatic insertion of brand images via EAN/UPC assignment.

Some advantages

Short overview of some functions of PRESTIGEenterprise

Web based
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More information

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Preview – designing a template in PRESTIGEenterprise

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