Security is nowadays an important factor – whether in the internal network, or for your internet sites and portals, as so called internal network aren’t really so internal anymore – most networks are somehow connected to the outside world, mostly the internet.

Keeping unwanted “visitor” out of you networks or your website. Securing your data, the data of your customers and partners and your company data is a major goal of security tasks. But also not to underestimate is the factor that a significant number of threads often originates from internal sources, which has to be controlled and avoided as well.

Corporate Networks

Our service is to analyze the current situation at the customer side

  • point out potential risks
  • propose realible solutions of hard- and software
  • install and configure necessary components
  • Test and Monitor the network
  • Maintain the infrastructure

Our portfolio of services covers all necessary steps for securing corporate network infrastructures. We count on know and reliable hardware and software components.

Websites, Online-Shops and Portals

The internet is often seen as of the network of the inlimited possibilities. In deed it is, but also a lot of people us it to get into your site for various different motivation. It is important to do the right thing to possibly keep as many of these out to protect your investment in your online site, your online shop or your intranet or extranet portals. Whether you are hosting on special internet hosters or well known hosters for US or Europe, in both cases there are

  • Possibilities to enhance security of your online sites & shops
  • Restrict your internet site visibility to certain countries or regions
  • Scan and determine malware
  • Avoid or detect attacks
  • Protect your data in your databases
  • Secure transfer data between your Backoffice and your front-ends

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