Display temperatures on the screen

This additional plug-in is an HTML5-based application that can be used together with other WPITCOM add-ons such as the Infinity Presenter, Slider or other content plug-ins. The configurable plug-in accepts the measured temperature values and displays them on the screen. Both the timing of the measurement and the conditions for the display can be set, for example the displaying of the temperature values can only be activated if a warning or alarm condition of one or more sensors is present, the presentation of temperature always runs on top of other content displayed.

WPITCOM Display Box Temperature Monitoring

WPITCOM Display Box Temperature Monitoring


The plug-in has a number of settings that decide whether, when and where the measured values should be displayed on the screen.

The options include:

  • Position of the representation (top, bottom, left, right, center)
  • Representation (box, circle)
  • Filtering (show always, only warnings and alarm, alarm)

The settings for the definition of warnings and alarms are made in the temperature event handler of the Display Box 2 software.

In addition, the customer can decide whether an acoustic warning signal should be issued in the event of an alarm.

The settings for the display form can be adjusted in the style sheet data of the plugin by the customer or by us, so that individual CI requirements can also be implemented.

Areas of application

This plugin is used for example:

  • Monitoring of cooled product placements
  • Monitoring of other temperature-sensitive areas


The plug-in is an extension of the event handler “temperature sensors” for WPITCOM Display Box 2 software, which among other things also measures temperature values from up to 10 sensors and can these via the interface to Nagios®.

The product is a licensed program under copyright law.

Required / dependent modules

  • PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine H5
  • WPITCOM Display Box Software 2
  • WPITCOM Eventhandler Temperature-Sensors

For event-based solutions additionally:

  • PRESTIGEenterprise EventHandler H5
  • WPITCOM Basic HTML5 Communication Adapter