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Online sales are increasing constantly – buying from home or mobile is not only modern, it is by now part of many of your customer’s daily life. Company and stores  in the future will need to offer their products and services in both channels. But going digital is not always that easy – several topics have to be taken care of – how do the products get into the shop system and the orders back into the back-office system. But also a question often heard – how do I get my customers in the web?

Just setting up somewhat online shop might be quick - but not always the answer to your business oriented tasks and questions, also in terms of sales. A clear strategy and integration into your workflows is essential ...

E-Commerce Solutions and Online Shops – Cost & Efficiency

Most companies operate back-office systems, providing normally most or all relevant article related data. In order to operate online shops cost efficiently without a major amount of personel overhead and to redundantly maintain article and stock data, efficient and secure transfer of data in both direction is often essential to keep operational cost reasonable.

Customer behavior

Over the recent years, a best practice to get information on customers habits, and how they expect the shopping and buying process to work, has developed. The selected software solution should be prepared for that and be able to follow changes in the future quickly and cost-efficiently.

Standard online shop software solutions

Standard online shop software solutions have the advantage that a high number of customers normally have the solution up and running and the software is well supported. During the last year we have evaluated a number of different shop systems for different uses and have selected two standard solutions we use for our projects.

WooCommerce and WordPress

WordPress is one of the leading software packages for web site solution up to mid-size installations and is by now one of the major standards in the internet arena. WooCommerce is the add-on, extending WordPress to an online shop system, including products, groups, customers, email communication and much more.

Some examples of our projects

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Project approach

For setting up or even relaunching an existing single-language web site, we have developed a best practice project plan, including:

    • Analysis
      Analysis of an existing web shop or planning the new web shop together with the operative and marketing departments of our customers-
    • Host selection
      Sometimes its not easy to quickly find the right host for the site – we can provide recommendations and handle all paperwork for the customer.
    • Domain registration
      In addition to selecting the host, we can also provide assistance in registering your desired domain name(s).
    • Selection / Suggestion of components
      Based on the analysis, we select and suggest components and the environment to be used, based on different criteria like business size, growth and expected visitor, and the nevertheless, the types of services offered.
    • Installation, Setup and Customization
      Installation, Setup and Customization of the select environment and its components.
    • Design and Photography
      Our design staff can support on demand in the design of the customers site. IF requested, also photography services on a medium or higher level can be offered.
    • Programming / Enhancements
      if necessary we do custom programming of components, always following the best practice of the chose environment for better maintainability.
    • Writing and translation of content
      Depending on the need we do offer translation and content writing services for our customers.
    • SEO
      We connect and optimize sites for search engines.
    • Connection to social media
      Communication is the most important component. We connect your site to the social media places.
    • Securing the site
      Protecting your site and your services with proven methods and technologies.
    • Training of your staff
      As sites are growing, people need to maintain or extend the content. If content management is planned in-house, we offer training to the people in charge. If you need help to make the content management, we also offer this service.

All our projects are based on the standard web solution WordPress and the online shop add-on WooCommerce. Benefit from the enormous user base of these two products ...

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