WPITCOM launches multilingual wholesale online shop for Black & White Extreme Fashion

WPITCOM Textile-Plugin Wordpress / WooCommerce

About Black & White Fashion

Black & White Extreme Fashion is a professional partner for individual apparel and fashion style. They design, produce and offer a wide range of different textiles.
Black & White Extreme Fashion was founded in 2005 by Nathalia Folgar in Guatemala City. As Guatemala is known as a reliable and good partner for the textile industry for decades, as a very talented and innovative person, Nathalia Folgar learned her business over several years in Central America, for example in Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and Guatemala.

About WPITCOM Textile Woocommerce Textile-Extension

Our new product for standard assortments and on-demand production extends the know WordPress® / Woocommerce® Web-Content-Solution and Online-Shop-System with important features for the textile industry, including colors, multinational sizes, materials and configurable production options, quantity discount rates, which can be maintained for all articles, allowing the customer to specify the product they want to order.

WPITCOM Textile Wholesale Plugin for WordPress / Woocommmerce
WPITCOM Textile Wholesale Plugin for WordPress / Woocommmerce

These features allow a high degree of flexibility for the customer to simplify the communication with the customer.

The Black & White Fashion installation is focused on the support of the sales teams, which take the orders directly at customer site, presenting and customizing the products directly on their tablet computers, logged into the site and transfer the order directly to the back-office.

Before allowing a customer to login into the portal, the registration of must be acknowledged by the back-office, and optionally assigning the new customer to an existing user group, enabling certain functionality and access right.

Product price and discount rate display, as well as display of sizes, material and options and shop functionality can be enabled or disabled for non-registered user in the WPITCOM Textile-Extensions.

WPITCOM Textile Add-On for apparel sourcing
WPITCOM Textile Add-On for apparel sourcing

A variable price calculation allows adding additional fees depending on size, quantity and type of selected options for the resulting products as well.
In order to secure customers media files, used for the production, these customer individual / owned media files are stored in separate secured server, only allowing the production and the customer himself, or the group he is included in.

Depending on the installation standard media, like logos and other material can be included, allowing the company’s customer to use these media for their products as well.

Multilingual support for pages, as well as products, tags and categories is part of WPITCOM Textile Extension.

Black & White uses currently three languages to communication their services and products international to their customers, the languages are Spanish, English and German.

WPITCOM Textile Extension for WordPress® / Woocommerce® is built to integrate in the customer’s template, allowing the customer to use their individual template. Although some templates might need customization of our product in order to integrate precisely.

More information on Black & White Fashion: http://www.bnwfashion.com

To get more information about WPITCOM Textile Extension for WordPress® / Woocommerce®, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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WPITCOM integrates Media Download Portal

Promotion data portal

BrandLogistics.NET Media Download Portal

WPITCOM launched End of 2017 the new and full responsive media download portal product for BrandLogistics.NET, Germany, allowing food retail headquarters and their stores to download

  • Pictures
  • Packshots
  • Videos
  • Logos
  • Recipes
  • and other retail and article related data content

for the instore POS Marketing on posters, flyers, hand-outs, whether printed or used for digital signage on screens, video-walls, kiosk-systems, scales or even in online store, to conveniently provide retail store owners the necessary high quality data to make sales driving promotions and increase their sales easily.

Woocommerce WPITCOM Digital Media Portal
Woocommerce WPITCOM Digital Media Portal

About BrandLogistics.NET

BrandLogistics.NET is the partner for the food industry in Germany, Austria and Swiss to provide content to thousands of retailers in these German speaking countries, in order to ensure that the POS Marketing is based on quality and sales driving product presentations in store or in the online shop area.

Woocommerce WPITCOM Digital Media Portal
Woocommerce WPITCOM Digital Media Portal – All products with filter

For registered users, in store or in the headquarters, a wide range of good material is provided, like article or emotional pictures, packshots, recipes, logos, promotion videos and article data is provided, so that the user easily can use these for individual promotions to increase product sales.

The new system includes a variety of new functions, as well as group based access, bulk download, various interfaces and extended content protection as well as extended reporting and product export functionality, making the system perfect for providing a powerful and easy to use platform for both retailers and retail headquarters.

WPITCOM Digital Media Portal Food Industry
WPITCOM Digital Media Portal Food Industry – Details

The system contains of a separated blog web site and an online content web shop at


The system is based and an extension of a known and powerful standard product for Online-CMS and online shop technology and works as an add-on product to provide these to-the-point extended services to BrandLogistics.NET.

WPITCOM Digital Media Portal Alimentos
WPITCOM Digital Media Portal – Products list

For more information on our web portal solution products, please contact us:

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