WPITCOM Signage Suite 3 – Plug & Play Digital Signage Framework

WPITCOM Signage Suite 3 is the sustainable complete solution for the consistent management and control of the digital signage hardware and the media player software directly on the different player hardware systems with a focus on the consistent cost reduction of operating costs across all six phases of signage projects – from rollout to daily operation and controlling for active and passive digital signage installations from small to multinational installations.

Based on more than 15 years of experience in digital signage projects and installations, this comprehensive and well-known software solution was developed, which largely optimizes and reduces the usual cost factors in digital signage projects in all six phases of the life cycle of digital signage installations.

Retailers and trading companies can thus significantly reduce installation, operation, service and support costs and benefit from cost-efficient and optimized player hardware.

Signage Suite 3 – the TOP 12 features

Signge Suite 3 creates Plug & Play Digital Signage Systems with preinstalled images
Signage Suite 3 supports local and remote graphical configuration
Signage Suite 3 automatically configures connected screens
Signage Suite 3 automatically turns on and off digital signage players to save energy
Signage Suite 3can control up to 4 independent screens or web sites
Signage Suite 3 has a comprehensive graphical configuration
Signage Suite 3 optimizes amd autocleans digital signage players
Signage Suite 3 enhances security in digital signage installations
Signage Suite 3 supports different remote support tools
Signage Suite 3 reports Inventory data to central servers
Signage Suite 3 supports IoT and Temperature Reporting
Signage Suite 3 supports Infrastrucute Monitoring

Signage Suite 3 – overview of some selected function

Signge Suite 3 creates Plug & Play Digital Signage Systems with preinstalled images

Pre-installed and pre-configurated systems

The WPITCOM Signage Suite 3 is by default pre-installed on the hardware player at factory – and if required, already completely pre-configured, so that the rollout of the systems can be carried out very quickly and cost-effectively – the time required and on-site service can make a noticeable difference here relief can be achieved.

This option exists for all of supported player systems, both for the ITMediaSign series and for tablet products, product presenters, as well as steles and IoT custom systems.

Signage Suite 3 supports local and remote graphical configuration

Graphic clutter-free configuration

All system settings can be made both locally or securely via a remote connection to the individual system / player. With remote configuration, operation is not disturbed – the configuration is made via browser and is not displayed on the remote system screen(s) at all.

The configuration adapts to the resolution of the remote system as an HTML5 browser application and thus allows configuration on a large number of service devices.

WPITCOM Signage Suite 3 -System Overview

Simple activation of the system – if not already preconfigured at the factory – a configuration for the convenient and quick setting of all relevant features in the player system, locally on the device, via a service laptop or via remote support.

You are also welcome to use our demo version to get to know the power and strength of our solution.

WPITCOM Signage Suite 3 - Ein- und Ausschaltzeiten für System und Bildschirme

Setting the operating times – the system shuts down to the very energy-saving S5 mode outside of operating hours and starts automatically when work begins.

The connected displays are put into standby via the screen control and are automatically put back into operation when they have to start up again.

Perfect efficiency in energy and cost management.

WPITCOM Signage Suite 3 - Multi Display Configuration

Comprehensive permanent configuration of the connected screen systems with all features for single or one-single-screen over several parallel displays up to the configuration of the screen control with five different methods.

Using the pre-installed templates, setting values can be activated with a mouse click in order to set the majority of standard cases.

Signage Suite 3can control up to 4 independent screens or web sites

Highly energy-efficient display control

Multi-display control – players and displays should not work side by side – efficient and precise control of the connected display systems can efficiently influence operating costs by turning the displays on and off in a timely manner. Signage Suite offers five methods to control screens from different manufacturers.

Signage Suite 3 automatically configures connected screens

Multiple displays on one player

Multi-display players can have a positive impact on the total cost of ownership, both in terms of acquisition and operating costs. Our INTEL®-based systems offer the option of supplying up to four displays with different content. Signage Suite 3 offers the sophisticated logic for configuring multiple displays on the system. Our video about “TCO cost reduction” offers interesting details here.

Signage Suite 3 supports different remote support tools

Powerful remote support

The right and efficient remote support solution simplifies remote configuration and problem analysis – Signage Suite 3 already includes the integration of two options for remote support and thus manages all the necessary services to reach the systems efficiently, quickly and securely via remote support .

Signage Suite 3 supports Infrastrucute Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring benefits

Service and support costs can develop into a significant cost factor in digital signage installations – the infrastructure monitoring option can have a lasting positive influence on the service and support effort through active notification by the player and to form the basis for an extensive automated service routing – in this way to actively identify problems and to transfer them to the support or service partner.

Signge Suite 3 supports INTEL(R) Gen 12 with up to 4 independent screens

NEW: With INTEL® Gen 12 up to 4 independent displays

Especially in service areas, menu boards or in food areas, a positive result can be achieved by reducing the number of necessary players – with the new INTEL® Gen 12 technology, up to four displays can now be operated cost-efficiently and sustainably on a single player – benefit from this groundbreaking advantage – Signage Suite 3 is already available designed to manage 4 displays.

Additional videos / partner videos

Management Perspective:
TCO Cost REDUCTION  by WPITCOM Signage Suite 3 (German)

The total cost ownership is based on the cost for hardware / software, project management, preparation, rollout and later on service and support cost of the entire installation – here decisive precautions can be successfully established from phase 1 of the project planning, which can have a lasting positive effect on all six phases of the cycle of digital signage projects. Recognizing and avoiding the relevant TCO challenges in 30 minutes – our video from practice and based on 15 years of experience in digital signage projects.

ITMediaSign 400 and 450 – Single & Dual 4K Video Content (German)

The ITMediaSign 400 and 450 are the Plug & Play digital signage player for the display of single or dual 4K video content on a variety of compatible displays with a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) pixels and is based on an INTEL® Pentium Gen 10 processors.

In combination with the WPITCOM Signage Suite 3, a completely Ready-to-Use / Plug & Play signage system is created, that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality, durability and efficiency.

This 5-minute video introduces you to this interesting product…

New interesting product: ITMediaTab 200 (German)

Sales promotion at the POS will continue to be “interactive” and thus also promote the sale of products that require explanation, or can – simply – convey product values or services.

The new ITMediaTab200 with its 10.1 inch touch display, power supply via Ethernet cable and VESA mounting option creates new visions of easy-to-implement interactive product presentation at the point of service / sale.

This 5 minute video introduces you to this interesting product…

Energy efficiency & climate protection

Energy is an expensive and valuable commodity – therefore the systems we support and recommend MUST always meet several special test and well defined performance criteria for optimal energy efficiency and quality – in order to guarantee the operating costs and sustainability of the products in the best possible way.

Signage Suite 3 spart kostbare Ressourcen