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WPITCOM Consulting

We  know from many years and many projects working with various customers and suppliers that it is clear that most organizations, especially during the rapid growth phase, create workflow solutions and methods out of necessity.

But too often individual solutions to each challenge are not integrated with the overall objectives of the company as a whole. It is precisely such structures that create”islands” in the overall organization and thus build inefficient cost structures – especially in the areas of inventory, tasking and creating intelligent reporting to analyze and harmonize work processes in the context of the overall objectives.

Solution selection – your request – the best solution

WPITCOM Consulting Workflows

Based on our extensive experience in the IT and solutions market, we first consult with you to understand your requirements for your desired solution and the expected results. Then we recommend options, based on this key data, taking into account the already integrated solutions and solution providers.

Finally, we provide any necessary project coordination and management requirements for our customers including:

  • Recording of project requirements
  • Creating the requirement and booklets
  • Innovation consulting
  • Integration consulting
  • Project coordination and control
  • Quality assurance

Innovation & Product design

WPITCOM Innovation

Innovative and pioneering features in applications and technologies arouse interest from your customers and lead to new customer acquisition and retention. Software companies and users alike expect innovations, either in functionality or usability in applications.

Companies that use innovation to astonish and to get the interest of new customers will lead to high user acceptance, opening up huge new customer potential and can also result in cost reductions and efficiency improvements in your processes.

WPITCOM Consulting provides proven, innovative options, including

  • Product and functional analysis
  • Development of possible innovations
  • Integrated development / module development / integration consultancy
  • Project coordination and control
  • Quality assurance

Investment protection and cost optimization

WPITCOM Cost Consulting

This sector can give your company a key competitive advantage. We provide comprehensive knowledge about the software market to help us in considering alternative solutions to protect your budget and thus secure your investment.

Direct or indirect IT costs, especially in the context of the importance of IT to the company as a whole, can be a significant cost factor. A consistent, comprehensive analysis and planning of these cost factors can lead to significant savings without performance reduction. In your investment, service and maintenance or personnel costs may include

  • Analysis of cost structures
  • Presentation of cost optimization opportunities
  • Project coordination and control
  • IT cost control

Education & Training

WPITCOM Training

Studies have shown that the functionality of complex software products, such as ERP systems, are often only partially used and therefore the optimal efficiency is not produced.

We will provide your people with knowledge of the functions and help them understand the scope of possible collaboration, networking and interface of a product to know and to develop the optimal usable applications.

Our organization model is based on very good knowledge of the products.

Our years of management and department training let us support our customers in optimizing the application depth of these products.

  • IFD Products
  • PRESTIGEenterprise Solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM
  • Microsoft Office™ – Family
  • Operating Systems
  • Customer specific software

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