Multiple products on screen

The “Infinity Presenter” is a HTML5 based application which takes advantage of the article data selected in PRESTIGEenterprise to be used. The application reads the number of products sent to the local display and checks whether the screen is operated in portrait or landscape orientation in order to automatically adjust the size of the product space used. Different output formats for the number of articles transfered are supported, ranging from 1, 2×2, 3×2, 4×2, 6×2 or 8×3.

WPITCOM Infinity Presenter Sample on ITMC MediaPOS

WPITCOM Infinity Presenter Sample on ITMC MediaPOS

Base price in food business

Especially in food business, additional information has to be placed on the product data, e.g. the base price ( country dependent ).
A special logic automatically calculates the base price based on supported unit of measures in relation to the specified price field. Please note that the product quantity can be specified in a text field like 12 x 330ml box – the system will automatically retrieve the product quantity ( for supported unit of measures ), the multiplicator and calculate the base price for the product. Multiple base price calculations for one product are possible.

Please note than the breviations for the units of measure must be compatible (see list of supported unit-of-measures).

Local control by store menu plugin

The WPITCOM Store Menu plugin is a plugin which works together with a variety of WPITCOM Wbebpart plugin.
Sometimes it is necessary that the store personal is checking the actual displayed content, or need to put the device to a new location. The WPITCOM “Store Menu” helps with these important tasks.

Security first

The “Store Menu” plugin is opened by a secured sequences of touching positions on the screen.

For security reason, even if someone would know the sequence, the PIN code of the device has to be entered first – without that PIN ( which an be set individually by the IT department ) – no access to the functions is possible.

WPITCOM Store Menu Plugin

WPITCOM Store Menu Plugin

Store Menu function

The store menu is very useful to:

  • Relocate the device – turning off before moving the device
  • Checking the actual content version displayed
  • Allow remote personal to access device by remote support

Individual, customer specific, functionality can be indluced upopn request as a separate service.

Present your product interactively at the POS

With the WPITCOM Infinity Presenter add-on you can present your product quickly and conveniently at the POS.

With video, pictures, description, the USP’s and prices.

Of course, you can change your information at any time (provided the device has a network connection), even several times a day if necessary.

Standard or customized

The template can be customized based on customer demand, including colours, logos, the field usage and presentation. This can either be done by our design department or the customer itself, using the documentation we provide with the plugin.

NEW:Usage reporting option

Product presentation at the POS – important and beneficial, especially for products that require explanation.

Of course, the operator would like to know which products or information are particularly in demand with potential customers – and thus constantly optimize their information requirements so that the greatest possible benefit can be drawn from the investment.

The optional plugin WPITCOM Basic HTML5 Communication Adapter is used for this. The adapter registers the user selections and saves them with the date and time for the respective device in specially provided files for further processing.

These files can be read in and processed very easily with other programs (not included). Of course, the data is only stored anonymously without user data and thus fully complies with the requirements of the GDPR (only relevant for EU member states).

Required / Dependend Modules

  • PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine H5 or W5
  • PRESTIGEenterprise Mutliple article poster – add on for server

For event enabled version:

  • PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine H5 (only)
  • WPITCOM Display Box Software 2
  • WPITCOM Basic Eventhandler Add-On
  • WPITCOM Basic HTML5 Communication Adapter