Monitoring hardware and software components can significantly reduce service and off-duty costs, whether in infrastructures or services.

By using a monitoring service for installed hardware and software components, the availibility of service is normally increased, off-duty situation re detected and taken care of faster, often leading to higher customer satisfaction and often to optimized over-all service cost.

At WPITCOM we have currently two type of monitoring services

Corporate networks / components

Our software monitors constantly installed hardware and software compents, like databases and services for function

  • different hardware components
  • cooling and freezing equipment
  • services, like databases, web services and others
  • internet sites and plattforms

In case of unexpected off-duty situation, different actions can be defined

  • transfer report to service departments
  • online or offline report to external service providers
  • customer individual methods lik SNMP – messaging

Websites, Online-Shops and Portals

In order to extend function and availability for websites, online shops and portals we also offer a service to constantly monitor these, also including manually

  • normal activities and user traffic
  • server performance and peak times
  • maintenance of installed components
  • analyze security tools for unexpected circumstances
  • general operation monitoring

In the past we have offered our services for various plafforms, our major competence is in WordPress and WooCommerce installations.

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You want to know more about monitoring ?

… over the years of experience we have build up a strong and solid competence in how to optimally monitor websites, online shops and portals. Mainly in the area of WordPress and WoCommerce area, we have developed a best practice for our customers web plattforns. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us …

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