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The intention of corporate websites often is to give potential or existing customers and overview about products or services offered. One part of this communication is of course, the design and the content. But that normally should not be the end of the story, although unforunately often seen. Additionally, connecting the site to search engines, listings and other promoting services leads to a higher traffic to the site – but it should not be any traffic, it should be the target group for the products and the services.

Only a well optimized web site can promote your business, as actual studies say, that only a small part of visitor nowaday come directly by your web address to your site, most and really most of them, come through known search engines and social networks - if prepared corrrectlly.

In most cultural environments, multilingual websites, providing more than one language to the user, become more and more important. We have specialized in seting up, designing and configuring advanced multilingual websites and also train our customers to easily maintain the content in these sites in order to gain the best possible communication and interaction with their potential and existing customers.

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Project approach

For setting up or even relaunching an existing single-language web site, we have developed a best practice projectplan, including

  • Analysis
    Analysis of an existing web site or planning the new web site together with the operative and marketing departments of our customers-
  • Hoster selection
    Sometimes its not easy to quickly find the right hoster for the site – we can provide recommendations and handle all paperwork for the customer.
  • Domain registration
    In addition to selecting the hoster, we can also provide assistance in registering your desired domain name(s).
  • Selection / Suggestion of components
    Based on the analysis, we select and suggest components and the environment to be used, based on different criteria like business size, growth and expected visitor, and the nevertheless, the types of services offered.
  • Installation, Setup and Customization
    Installation, Setup and Customization of the select environment and its components.
  • Design and Photography
    Our design staff can support on demand in the design of the customers site. IF requested, also photography services on a medium or higher level can be offered.
  • Programming / Enhancements
    if necessary we do custom programming of components, always following the best practice of the chose environment for better maintainability.
  • Writing and translation of content
    Depending on the need we do offer translation and content writing services for our customers.
  • SEO
    We connect and optimize sites for search engines.
  • Connection to social media
    Communication is the most important component. We connect your site to the social media places.
  • Securing the site
    Protecting your site and your services with proofen methods and technologies.
  • Training of your staff
    As sites are living, people need to maintain or extend the content. If content management is planned inhouse, we offer training to the people in charge. If we should make the content management, we also offer this service.

  • We use the standard Web-Blog and -CMS-System WordPress for our projects - basing on a worldwide standard for powerful, fast, secure and state-of-the-art web sites.

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