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WPITCOM’s software German software partner for powerful virtualization solutions, Collax, offers a powerful and most efficient range of products for the virtualization of servers, allowing the user to operate a number of virtual machine on a bare metal, sharing CPU, memory, harddisks and other devices.

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Powerful and easy to manage solutions with an enhanced web based frontend to easily manage your virtual environment.

Attractive license price model

Server Virtualization starting at just 0,70 USD per day.1)

About Collax

Founded in 2005, Collax’s mission is to provide solutions for network infrastructures, communications and collaboration, protection and security, as well as high availability and virtualization, tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs) and freelancers. For us, the future lies in efficient IT platforms that are flexible, adaptable, stable and secure.

Collax is a German software company, engineering their solution in the south of Germany.
Solutions Made in Germany.

VCube - affordable virtualization of servers

Reduced costs, higher performance. With Collax V-Cube, you can run several virtual servers, operating systems, and applications on a single hardware platform. The consolidation and central administration of the individual servers facilitates the management of the IT infrastructure, resulting in a significant reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Easy, flexible administration

Collax V-Cube features a browser-based, intuitive administration interface with numerous management functions. Thus, remote access to the solution is also possible.

Modern hypervisor technology

Collax V-Cube makes use of the KVM hypervisor, which ensures optimum utilization of hardware resources and improved hardware performance. It is now possible to run different operating systems concurrently on a single hardware platform.

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VCube+ - cost efficient virtualization of servers

Collax V-Cube+ is an integrated virtualization and high-availability solution that was developed especially for the needs of SMB.

Collax V-Cube+ enables the combination of several Collax V-Cubes to an array. For improved load balancing, the virtual machines (VMs) are distributed to the cluster nodes – either automatically or as the need arises. In the event of a server failure, the virtual machines are seamlessly moved from one node to the other.

No external SAN required

Additionally, Collax V-Cube+ comes with a failsafe, integrated storage solution (Embedded SAN) that combines the hard disks of the cluster nodes, thereby ensuring that all data exist synchronously on all storage media.

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Collax Business Server

The Collax Business Server is a multiple award-winning one-step business solution that is installed thousands of times. With flexibility, performance, and reliability, it takes care of the security, establishes the infrastructure, and provides important server applications.

Mail server

The integrated e-mail server is the core of the Collax Business Server. It controls the transmission and reception either directly or via a provider. The mailboxes is accessible via Web mail, Outlook, or any other e-mail client. The entire mail traffic is constantly screened for spam and viruses. Optionally, an e-mail archive can be added.

File server

The file server provides users and teams with a central storage location for their files. Thus, the data can be kept securely for shared use from various locations.

Web server

Together with the integrated database, the Collax Business Server provides the ideal platform for all Web applications. All kinds of applications ‒ from corporate Wikis to ERP systems ‒ can be made available to the team.


Modern firewall technology and many other security mechanisms make the Collax Business Server a fortress for the enterprise and the data. The product creates trust with its “security made in Germany”, as the Collax Business Server is fully developed and produced in Germany.

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More product variations available – contact WPITCOM for more details and your individual quotation.

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1) Single node with v-cube, Price in USD, may vary due to exchange rate EUR-USD. License fees to be paid annually.
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