Service: SSD Technology


System performace by using SSD

SSD stands for Solid-State-Drive. This technology is somehow comparable to large USB-sticks and replaces the standard mechanical harddrives more and more. But be aware, also SSD have different levels of speed, depending on the brand and the capabilities.

Your system or laptop seems to be slow – then one good option might be to replace the standard harddisk with an SSD-harddisk.

We have all the technology present to copy either mini-, micro- or Standard-SATA-Drives to SSD, following the highest possible security standards to make sure that your data will be perfectly and absolutely secure copied.

In our service department we offer the service to easily replace your old harddisk by an SSD – depending on the size of your harddisk, you can even sit down and wait with a nice cup of coffee.

This service is available for private end users as well as corporate clients.