Repair & Refurbishment

Repairing service

We repair hardware and upgrade IT hardware of different manufactures, from upgrading memory, harddisks to SDD or exchanging components to fault detection and repair. Ask for your quote.

Buying & selling used hardware

  • Buying hardware

    We refurbish used hardware, whether servers, PC or components. If you have hardware available for sale, please contact us.

  • Selling hardware

    Refurbished used hardware can save you a good portion of your investments and, if correctly upgraded, like with quality SSD’s as harddisk, are frequently as fast as new PC’s and laptops using the conventional harddisk technology, for instance.

We constantly search for hardware …

You have hardware you don’t need any more or might need repair?

Do not hesitate to just give us a call or use or contact form to get in contact with us, we will be happy to make you an offer – even if you are searching for specific hardware, let us know, maybe we have something in stock for you.

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