The WPITCOM Display Manager 2 is a Microsoft Windows™ based solution to easily and securely manage WPITCOM Display Boxes over the network, which than report the system settings and is a separately sold add-on license program.

For a complete description, please consider visiting our YourTube® video channel. For the first impression, we have seleced here a few features, which might be espcially interesting.

All devices are listed in the device window and can be filtered by various options:

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Start Screen

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Start Screen

The most important functions are placed below the menu, in order to choose directly for the selected devices.

Overview of main functions:

WPITCOM Display Manager Add Device
Add Device
Add a device by IP or DNS name.

WPITCOM Display Manager Scan for devices
Scan Network for Device
Scan the defined networks for new devices

WPITCOM Display Manager Power Off Device
Power off device
Power on the selected devices

WPITCOM Display Manager Power On Device
Power on device
Power on the selected Wake-On-LAN capable devices

WPITCOM Display Manager General Device Status
Show Engine Data Settings
Request and display the current engine player names and settings.

WPITCOM Display Manager Device Config
Show Device Config Data
Request and display the current device settings.

WPITCOM Display Manager Playing Status
Show Actual Playlist Information
Request and display the current playlist information

WPITCOM Device Operation Timetable
Operation time
Show and modify the on/off times of the device.

WPITCOM Display Direct Command
Send direct command
Send a direct command the Display Box

WPITCOM Display Manager Manage Alerts
Manage Alerts
Initiate, stop, download are get status about an alert.

WPITCOM Display Start Terminal
Terminal Session
Start a terminal session to the selected Display Box

WPITCOM Display Device Performance Data
Performance Status
Get the actual performance data status of a selected device

Licensing Status
Get the actual licensing status of a selected device

WPITCOM Display Manager Manage Scheduler
Display and change background jobs.

WPITCOM Display Manager Show Logs
Display Logs
Display and search in system logs.

Please find some interesting functions listed below. For more detailled information, please be invited to visit our YouTube® Video Channel. If come up any questions, our customer service and presales is looking forward for your call.

Maintaining the operation time of devices

Besides the complete control of the remote devices, updating operation time tables is often a major topic to make sure that the devices are only active when they should. As to be seen in the lower part of the screen, also special date whith differing settings can be speficied and the entire table can be saved, so that it can be transfered to one or multiple other devices.

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Timetable Update

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Timetable Update

Get information about performance

Sometimes it might be very useful to know something about the current workload of the remote device. The performance data function collect major information an shows it directly as a snapshot on screen. This function need the Nagios® optiional module installed and licensed.

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Performance Overview

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Performance Overview

Licensing state of devices

As it might not always be known, the licsend data funtion shows the licensed products and modules of each devices right on screen.

WPITCOM Display Manager Licensing Information

WPITCOM Display Manager Licensing Information

Activating emergency alert on remote device

In July 2020 we announced the brand new Alert Manager option, enabling the responable department or person to use the installed display systems also for emergency notifications, either in store, bank, public transport or production facilities.

The below picture shows, that this Alert Manager is very powerful and can initate DisplayEngine Events, Videos, Streaming Website or even HTML5 Templates. As far as the screen volume is controlable, audio can even be used to announce message directly. As the “Alert Manager” operates in the Display Box 2 communication framework, even the optional “Hardware Director” can be incorporated to active external devices like a red flash light in case of emergencies.

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Alert Management

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Alert Management


Enhanced security

From Version 2.1. on, all communication between WPITCOM Display Manager 2 and devices is strongly encyrpted by AES-256 Block-Chain-Logic, including customer individual configurable encryption keys to even strengthen the security. Additionally to that, whitelists with allowed source for remote control, as well as the standard pairing token between the device and any communication source can be inviduallly be selected by the customer on it’s own.

And much more, the above examples only to get an impression how complete and powerful the WPITCOM Display Manager 2 today is.

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