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Digital Signage / Instore advertising with screens and other media found their way into retail and service stores in the last years, enriching the customer communication at focus points to either inform about services or new or promoted products. Much has been learned from actual results of studies in customer and human behavior – often referred to as Neuro-Marketing. Creating the right communication with the customer can be useful for the customer and the shop owners to efficiently and successfully present offers and promotions.

Sucessful in-store-communication and promotion is based on a multi-channel communication of different media like posters, shelf-stoppers and instore advertising with screens, scales or checkout-systems - and most importantly - consistently across these media ...

Introducing: WPITCOM (PRESTIGE Certified) Display Box
NEW: Version 2

WPITCOM (PRESTIGE Certified) Display Box makes your instore advertising with screens easy, cost-efficient and powerful flexible

WPITCOM announces its new product Display Box Version 2 which simplifies your instore advertising with screens significantly and even enables the local system to react on external events like GPS, buttons, infrared, light barriers, approach sensors and other compatible hardware, as well as controlling hardware components, driven by events or directly by touching buttons on a locally hosted website.
WPITCOM Display Box Software is PRESTIGE certified
Our vision is to make the operation of a remote advertising system as simple as a Television system – check out whether we reached our goal …

The components of the WPITCOM Display Box software work seamlessly together:

Interactive Advertising on Screens

Functionality and Components

Benefit from the new version 2 of WPITCOM Display Box - learn more about the new features like remote configuration, screen watcher and enhanced screen control features ...

Advantages of WPITCOM Display Box at a glance

This software product makes best use of the cost-efficient hardware, based on the Linux based operating systems Ubuntu 18.04.

Some of the main benefits of the WPITCOM Display Box Software

  • the hardware is cost-efficient
  • has a very good cost of ownership
  • has a small footprint and can be installed easily
  • hardware has a low power consumption
  • software is based on an open system
  • controls the screens efficiently including standby modes (supported model/interface)
  • can help to save operation and energy cost
  • has a number of add on devices and sensors for more complex visions
  • due to low investment, faster on-site swap and potentially lower maintenance cost
  • can report status to NAGIOS® systems
  • user decides about operating system and software updates
  • is developed with focus on high performance
  • is extendable by using the modular API components of the system

Advertise and inform – easily and flexible

The WPITCOM Display Box Software uses the powerful PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine H5 and the PRESTIGEenterprise Server to distribute and display playlists to the locally installed devices. Based on time plans, the playlists are displayed locally. Of course it is possible to schedule the playlists to be displayed in the morning, middays, in the afternoon or whenever necessary.

This makes the processes of powerful instore advertising with screens as easy as possible.

This flexible systems allows you to use:

  • Videos (MP4 H.264 standard) with 1920 x 1080 pixel (Full HD 1080p)1)
  • Graphics or pictures (PNG, JPEG)
  • Template based (single or multiple) article posters like menu boards
  • HTML5 based animations / Web contents incl. JavaScript
  • HTML5 template based (single or multiple) article posters like animated menu boards

Compose your playlists based on the above components and simply schedule them for presentation. Enhanced concepts can be created based on the below described “event driven advertising”.

The displays / screen – professional or Smart TV

The WPITCOM Display Box works with professional display systems and a variety of SMART TV Systems (refer to compatibility list), which support HDMI 1.x or 2.0 connection. Depending on the capabilities of the display device and its interface connection, the Display Box can even control the HDMI-Port, Standby-Status and maintain the power-status.

Also new in version 2 – On/Off Time-Plan – If a real time battery is installed, the system is able to put the entire Display Box and display device (if by interface supported) to Standby-Mode, saving even more energy during off-duty-time and re-start automatically at the desired time.

Processes based on templates – reduce cost and increase flexibility

Very often, just different articles or services have to be presented, the layout is often the same. Using a template oriented system can save an enormous time and cost in creating the content. Just create a standard or HTML template, assign interactive the article(s) and distribute it to the display system. This methods saves you the creation of individual content for each article and at the end leads to significant reduction in work transferred to design agencies. This is one of the major strength in function of the PRESTIGEenterprise – combining article data with templates and saving therefore time.

Cost efficient hardware

WPITCOM Display Box Software operates on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS operating systems on Odroid XU4 by Hardkernel, an 8-core Exynos 5422 system with GPU, which also supports hardware decoding of MPEG-4 videos, providing the power to present up to 1080p quality video, 2GB RAM and up to 128GB of SD or EMMC storage – including USB-Ports and HDMI-Connector and a GPIO (General purpose IO interface), which can connect to a variety of external devices and circuits including GPS-Modules and other cost-efficient hardware extension – allowing even extensive visions in digital advertising solutions.

Odroid XU4

Odroid XU4 – With standard housing
Housing may vary

Components of WPITCOM Display Box

The WPITCOM Display Box consists of the following components:

  • Odroid XU4 Single Board Computer
  • Operating system Ubuntu 18.4.2 LTS
  • WPITCOM Display Box Software
  • PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine H5 & Eventhandler (both sold and licensed separately)

The WPITCOM Display Box makes use and needs a PRESTIGEenterprise central server to receive content and playlists. To display centrally defined event driven content, based on the hardware events of the system, the separate license products WPITCOM Eventhandler & PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine Eventhandler are needed and can be operated either on the same device or on a secondary system within the network.

Controlling the screen / On-Off Status

Allows the definition of planned on / off screen states, regular or defined for a specific date(s) or multiple periods of time per day. The system automatically switches the screen to standby or on status, depending on the defined plan. *)

Various interfaces have been integrated to support a number of different interfaces. Please refer to the compatibility list for more details. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the following interfaces are available:

  • HDMI
  • Serial
  • LAN / Webservice
  • EX-Link

Simple configuration and roll-out

WPITCOM Display Box 2 Software was designed for simple configuration and roll-out scenarios. Therefore, the main settings can be maintained by an graphical configuration utilty, more security sensitive settings can be adjusted on operating system level.

WPITCOM Display Box 2 Configuration

WPITCOM Display Box 2 Configuration

Controlling multiple devices with one event

Broadcasting the hardware event to a number of defined receivers reduces the need that each system has to have the same external hardware. Best example is the GPS receiver, where one receiver is installed in the vehicle in public transportation (bus, train) and broadcasts the position to a number of advertising systems within the vehicle, all reacting in the same moment, when entering / approaching a defined are on the route and displays the defined advertising or station information.

Remote configuration

By using the enhanced configuration menu, the system and screen behavior can even be controlled from remote, without disturbing the presentation on the screen. Using a secured connection to the remote advertising system (WPITCOM Display Box with screen attached), you can change a wide range of settings interactively on screen.

By using the integrated “Screen Watcher” you can control what is displayed on the HDMI at any time, controlling whether everything is working – as expected.

Nagios® Connector

To control the function of the installed units, WPITCOM DisplayEngine Extender supports the transfer of information with a defined frequency to a NAGIOS® Server, centrally operated, so that the service department always has detailed information about the health status of the devices. Nagios® Connector is an optional feature of the WPITCOM Display Box Software, and can be licensed separately at any time.

Conditional advertising – Event input handling

The optional modules Event-Receiver and Event-Handler allow together to react on external events, where several interfaces have been integrated:

  • Keyboard
  • Barcode-Reader
  • Serial RS232
  • GPS-NMEA Standard over serial
  • Approach Sensor
  • GPIO-Input (external signals) – various sensor
    • Some examples:
    • Light barrier
    • Light sensor
    • Various other sensors
    • Network event – UDP message

Even if only one device has the hardware, the Display Box Software can be configured to broadcast the event to a number of other devices, allowing a kind of daisy-chaining of the event.

Controlling external attached hardware

The optional module “Hardware Director” allows to daisy-chain an input event do directly enable or disable an external device, connected to the GPIO-Ports of the box, allowing to switch on a light, enable a dispenser or other hardware components. In configuration allows to define the “normal” state of the PIN, as well as the duration how long the pin state should change (in milliseconds). Up to 16 nearly parallel signals can be handled.

Example Event Handling – GPS in Public Transportation

The DisplayEngine Display Box software is installed on the local system and reacts on previously defined external events like touching an external button, approach, light barriers, keyboard, barcode scanner and GPS (NMEA 183 standard) to trigger events to be displayed on the attached system.

By defining area in GPS coordinates, the system recognizes when it enters such an area and fires automatically an event to the Display Engine, responsible for displaying an individual content for this location, like “you are approaching the next stop, exit to the right, here you find the restaurant …”.

The system can also be configured to repeat the event multiple times, if necessary.

By using the “Event Broadcast” function, additionally, the software can broadcast the event to a number of different units in the same vehicle, in order to synchronize these systems, making it unnecessary to have more than one GPS receiver installed.

External lights can be enabled by using the “Hardware Director” function.

Update Service

The Update Service provides a packages oriented possibility to update the devices as defined centrally in the server, so that the devices stay up to date.

The components of the WPITCOM Display Box software:

  • Screen Controller
  • System Management & Configuration
  • Update-Manager
  • Nagios(R) Integrator2)
  • Event-Handling2)
  • GPS Eventhandler2)
  • Hardware Director2)

Optional components:

GPS Tracker
Custom event handlers
Custom / Individual Add-on Modules

Additional hardware support available on demand.

Our license models:

We offer our software solution:

  • Traditional license buying
  • Software on demand – renting model
  • Fully functional Demo-Version with time limitation

Soon also directly available in our online store here on our site.

Check out our free and fully functional demo version for 30 days ... Get in contact with us or one of our distributors and get your individual demo version and try everything for 30 days - without any risk.

1) Please refer to software description for more details on video capabilities.
2) Not included in base licence, can be licensed additionally as needed.
all) All mentioned trademarks are property of their owners.

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