Temperature Sensors – IOT for Digital Signage

Using digital signage systems for more than just displaying active or passive messages on the screen, is a useful extension for a varierty of use cases. The “temperature sensor” add-on opens up this vision by allowing to connect up to 10 DSB18B20 1-wire® sensors to the 1-wire® interface of the supported player hardware. Some player hardware has already the 1-wire® sensor connector onboard, others require an external USB hardware component – both models are supported for a number of player hardware products.

WPITCOM Display Box Temperature Monitoring

WPITCOM Display Box Temperature Monitoring

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Simple configuration

Because every 1-wire® sensor has a unique ID, the sensors need to be defined in a configuration file for each device. This configuration als includes the hresholds for warnings and alarm value. If the temperature of the individual sensor is above the defined threshold, an alarm or a warning is used, so each sensors can be defined differently in its behaviour. Each sensor can have an internal and a Nagios® name as well.

Reporting to Nagios®

Sensors are defined in Nagios® for the indivudal devide, frequently by using a device template. By naming the sensors the same on all devices, setup is easy and very quick. Different settings in the “Temperatur Sensor” add-on main configuration allow to define the frequency of reporting to the Nagios® system, as well as other varibale settings.

Displaying a temperature depending playlist

The sensor configuration can contain a switch to enable sending DisplayEngine events ( message ) in case of an alaram or warning situation, so that die display shows a message like “please close freezer door” on screen. If messages can be different for alarm and warning situation.

Switching on external devices

By licensing and configuring the add-on “Hardware Director”, even external devices like a signal light, can be switched on in case of temperature alarm or warning, so that, without any further programming, even very sophisticated installation can be created.

Using PC-based systems

The “Temperature sensors” add-on supports direct connection of the sensors to the supported hardware players, if they have this connector.
For PC-based systems, a number of USB hardwae extensions have been succuessfully tested and are supported.

Please consider to contact our customer service to get more information on the manufacture’s contacts and their supported USB hardware extensions.

Available license models

  • License purchase
  • Rental
  • Try-and-buy limited time

Required / Dependend Modules

  • WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 Core License ( Demo or Productive )
  • Nagios® Connector (obligational)
  • Basic Event Receiver ( in case of DisplayEngine Events )
  • Hardware Director (optional)