SmartSwitch Display

This Microsoft Windows™ application is used is setups where a sales person ( for instance in toursim, DIY or administration ) temporarily wants to share screen content on the screen installed towards the customer. If the customer screen is not used, any kind of playlist, containing promotional content, is displayed on the screen to also use the screen for promotion in the meanwhile.

The application is loaded at system startup and is design for simple operation. It hides in the taskbar when not used and can be maximized by mouse click. The user can switch between his screen and the promotion, presented by the DisplayEngine media player.

By enabling the screensaver action switch, the customer screen is also automatically switched to the playlist presentation, if even if sales person leaves the place, the fallback to the promotional presentation is guaranteed.

WPITCOM SmartSwitch Customer Screen

Two connection methods

For supported (professional) screen models, where the DisplayEngine H5, which is the advertising media player is installed directly on the screen device, the SmartSwitch Display application can be used as “direct connected”, so no additional hardware media player is used.

Alternatively, if “normal” supported consumer electronics screen are used, the WPITCOM Display Box 2 Software, installed on a supported computer systems, is in charge of presenting the promotional contact and will also receive the order to switch the screens input.

Connection of screen system

Both, the WPITCOM Display Box 2 device and the sales persons PC are connected (normally) by HDMI connection to HDMI1 and HDMI2 of the screen. If a professional screen system is used, where the player directly runs on the screen system, only the connection of the sales person’s computer system is required.

Installation and Configuration

The installation is done by installing a setup program. The configuration is included in the application and requires entering the connection method (Direct or WPITCOM Displax 2), and the IP4 or DNS name of the screen / box to be controlled.

The application requires a supported screen device.

Please contact our customer service to get information about the currently supported screen manufacturer’s modells.

Available license models

  • License purchase
  • Rental
  • Try-and-buy limited time

Required / Dependend products

  • WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 Core License ( Demo or Productive )
  • Computer systen with HDMI output connector
  • Ethernet Network Connection
  • Supported screen system (professional line or consumer electronics)