PrintEngine W5

The PrintEngine W5 is the remote printer connector with which template-based posters, banners, flyers, shelf stoppers or other print products such as barcode labels can be printed on the locally connected printers at the remote location.

Powerful printing agent

The PrintEngine W5 consists of two parts, the “Connector” and the “PrintEngine” itself, which work independently of each other. Both programs are usually started automatically at system start-up. The task of the “connector” is to establish a connection to the PRESTIGEenterprise server via network / Internet and to download and save all the necessary content locally in the device storage so that only content that is not yet available is downloaded and cached once.

This is one of the main advantages of not requiring a constant connection to the server as the PrintEngine is NOT a printer driver.

Media caching saves network traffic

By caching the content locally, the PrintEngine W5 saves network traffic and even enables seamless operation in conditions where the network connection sometimes has less bandwidth.

Reusing the previously cached content, such as fonts and images, can minimize retransmission of that content, increasing speed and reducing unnecessary network traffic.