Channel selector – Flexibility at the point-of-sales

In various situations, it might be useful to select the necessary content for a screen presentation directly at the point-of-sale, when setting up a promotion area with a special product in DIY, food or even in hospitality to promote a defined service or product.

For the “channel selector” the screen must be connected by HDMI interface on a supported systems. By using a defined key on the remote control, the channel selector is started and downloads all playlists available on the central PRESTIGEenterprise server and displays them as a list on the screen. For supported systems, the user can use the remote control to select the desired contant and select it directly. The WPITCOM Display Box will then download the playlist ( named a “channel” here ) and present the content until either locally or centrally a new playlist is selected for presentation.

WPITCOM Display Box Channel Selector

WPITCOM Display Box Channel Selector

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There is no configuration necessary on supported hardware systems.

Available license models

  • License purchase
  • Rental
  • Try-and-buy limited time

Required / Dependend Modules

  • WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 Core License ( Demo or Productive )
  • Remote Control of supported display device