DisplayEngine H5

The DisplayEngine H5 is the remote media player, used to display the content and playlists, defined and scheduled by the content manager in the central web based PRESTIGEenterprise Server for this device.

Powerful Media Player in Browser

The DisplayEngine H5 is simple started with a unique URL in the supported webbrowser and will download and store all necessary content locally in the device storage, so that only content which is not yet present, will be downloaded once and cached – therefore, which is one of the major advantages, a constant connection to the server is not required, as the DisplayEngine is NOT a streaming receiver.

Caching media saves network traffic

By caching the content locally, the DisplayEngine H5 saves network traffic and even allows seamlessly operation under conditions where the network connection might sometimes fail.

Playlists and Appointments

The DisplayEngine H5 supports playing entire playlists or “appointments”, which is the name for time scheduled interruption of a playlist with another content, for instance, when only between 9am and 10am in the morning a different content might to be displayed.

Trigger Content by Events

By adding the optional DisplayEngine EventHandler, the DisplayEngine H5 can receive external network signals and change the content on the screen accordingly the prior definition in the PRESTIGEenterprise system, allowing to design even active advertising solution.

H5 and WPITCOM Display Box Software 2

The WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 is a complete management add-on, based on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 amd amd above, which is making intensive use of the DisplayEngine H5 – which is licensed separately. The WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 support different interesting and efficient hardware platforms and offers a varierty of in depth system control features, like powering on and off the display on a timetable basis, starting the DisplayEngine and system as needed, infrastructure monitoring interfaces, easy setup and maintenance and much more.