DisplayEngine Eventhandler – make advertising interactive

Active advertising is based on user or device input in order to change the content displayed, maybe based on a purchase on a scale, the scanning of a barcode, the reading an RFID tag, or specified temperature values, iniating a change of the content on screen, either to get the customer attention, or display additional information.

Messaging is the source

The DisplayEngine Eventhandler is used to allow the media player ( DisplayEngine product ), which is responsable for displaying the desired content on screen, to receive a signal and to select the associated content ( normally a playlist assigned to the content of the message ).

Different playlists

As playlists can contain different media types, like videos, images, animations or other webparts, the creativity is nearly not limited to design interesting active advertising with the DiaplayEngine Eventhandler.

DisplayEngine Eventhandler and WPITCOM Display Software 2

The WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 is a complete management add-on, based on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 amd amd above, which is making intensive use of the DisplayEngine H5 – which is licensed separately. The WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 support different interesting and efficient hardware platforms and offers a varierty of in depth system control features, like powering on and off the display on a timetable basis, starting the DisplayEngine and system as needed, infrastructure monitoring interfaces, easy setup and maintenance and much more.

And additional feature of WPITCOM Display Software 2 is the extension of possible input sources for messages sent and processed by the DisplayEngine. A number of optional modules for WPITCOM Display Box 2 Software allow a close communication and reception of messages originating from external or internal devices, like approach, temperature, distance seonsor, serial commiunication messages, GPS (General Positioning System) or even messages from the optional alert emergency management system of WPITCOM DisplayBox Software 2.

For realizing these services, the DisplayEngine Eventhandler is used in a number of additional interactive features of the WPITCOM Display Box Software 2.

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