Product-Image-Slider Widget

The WPITCOM Product-Image-Slider Widget is used to display a variable product image slider on screen, using the product data, sent by PRESTIGEenterprise.
The advantage is, that no programming has to be done, prior to sending an slider to the screen.

Up to 10 sliders, which should have the same resolution, can be specified in the article data, named in arctile picture 1 .. 10.
By sending the article with with Widget template to the device, the widget will automatically slide thru the pictures, pushing eaach picture after a specified time to the left.

The display time of each slide can be speciefied in the articale data field TEXT1 and is intrpreted as seconed.

Additionally, if using touch screens, two keys can be specified in the article data to manually slide to the left and right.