Alert Manager – Active Emergency Communication

This add-on to the WPITCOM Display Box 2 works closely together with the WPITCOM Display Manager 2 solution for on the finger-tip sending emergency notification to the controlled screens, containing different types of notifications.

WPITCOM Emergency Alert System Fire
WPITCOM Emergency Alert System natural desasters
WPITCOM Emergency Alert System earthquake
WPITCOM Emergency Alert System Water

Supported notifcation types

  • Supported video formats
  • PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine Event
  • Website ( eventually containing streaming video )
  • HTML5 template-based message ( eventually containing text, video, audio )

Initiating an emergency

Initiating an emergency notification is done by using WPITCOM Display Manager 2 ( normally in the central office ), selecting a new or predefined emergency alert and send the request to the local device(s).

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Alert Management

WPITCOM Display Manager 2 Alert Management

Save against power failures

In emergency situations, power failure at remote site are possible, so that the device might restart after a black-out or brown-out ( temporarily failure of power ). The WPITCOM Display Box 2 Software has an integrated logic, that the alert is restarted even after power failure, so that the messages stay on screen until the WPITCOM Display Manager 2 ends the alert situation explicitly.

Enhanced security

In order to prevent misusage of the alert manager function, a number of security features have been integrated:

  • Customizing pairing token
  • AES-256 Block-Chain-Encryption of commands send
  • Whitelist option for connecting devices
  • Domain based whitelist option for content source ( videos, audio, templates )

To use https – protocol for download content is strongly recommended, but is decided by the customer.

Using audio for notifications

Using audio in notifications depends on the hardware used – for the computer and the screen, and the connection between them. As the volume cannot be controlled over the HDMI® connection, our screen interfaces supports network connection, where some models allow to control also audio volume. The WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 tries ( depending on hardware model ) to switch all available audio channels to the requested volume – but this eventually depends on the hardware used.

Please consider to contact our customer service for a list of recommended screen manufacturer’s models and best connection option.

Customizable HTML5-templates

If HTML5 templates are used, these can be developed in advance and adapted for the respective customer in order to adapt to his CI (Corporate Identity).

For further details, please contact our customer service for our recommendations.

Simple configuration

For the base operation, no setup is required, when setting advanced security options, the configuration of the AES-256 key and the allowed hosts is done in separate configuration files, normally used for a master image before roll-out.

API access for hardware vendors

To open up hardware producers and customers the possiblity to attach to this alert management function, WPITCOM offers a special partnership level for security manufacturers of products like fire detection solutions and security other components. WPITCOM offers a special handbook containing all necessary information to actively inter-communicate with this function.

Available license models

  • License purchase
  • Rental
  • Try-and-buy limited time

Required / Dependend Modules

  • WPITCOM Display Box Software 2 Core License ( Demo or Productive )
  • Basic Event Receiver