Design service – 2D animation videos

As from our own experience, animated videos sometimes are a very effective instrument to gain customer attention and communicate a message more efficient than describing the service or product in detail.

Our service

On basis of the customer’s demand and requirements our design department works out a storyboard, designs the requested animations and renders the result to the desired video format and resoltion, based on our supported formats.

Media Material

The media material the spot is based on, is either provided by the customer or can be selected from one of our supported media source partners.

Legal & Documentation

Protecting authors rights is very important to us – therefore, all our work & products are always intensively well documented, containing all information regarding used material like images, fonts, audio – their sources, rights, purchase information as well as additional information, so that any question coming up, can be immediately answered – this includes also the material provided by the customer itself.

Samples & Additional questions

As our work is for customers and is often not intended for external purposes, please contact us forn neutral samples of our design departments work.
Please contact us as well for additional questions or individual pricing. Our products are loyality-free for the customer.