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In a variety of projects and products, we have gained a comprehensive knowledge in different printing challenges, from high-speed printing to solutions with laser, inkjet and thermal transfer or thermal direct printing in retail, logistics and industry.

Printing solutions – what we support …

We support different hardware and printing systems, provided by partners, as are focused on software solutions, process automation and organizational solutions. The hardware like laser, inkjet or thermal label printers normally come from local or international hardware partners, or are already present at customer site.

In store poster printing at the POS

Especially retailers or other services like travel or banking need to distribute advertising material to the remote branches, sometimes per region, per nation, or internationally across borders – in various printing sizes, from small to water resistent large format prints for outside promotion. We have the experience. The well-known and awarded solution PRESTIGEenterprise by Online Software AG, Germany is the solution for POS advertising, web based, templated based and extremely scalable.

Thermal transfer and Thermal direct printing

Thermal printing is used in various areas like logistics, transportation, retail and food production, with different processes, layouts and content, and of course, different goals. In all these cases, easy operation, automation and the interfacing with the corporate ERP – Systems is to be designed very often.

Various settings and the used material can influence the cost of ownership, operational cost and the resulting quality of the prints – as well the degree the of integration in the corporate organizational processes can influence the cost of operation and the reliability of the solutions.

Label Printing in retail

In retail, for example, shelf labels as well as shelf stoppers are printed frequently. For a variety of scenarios we offer powerful solutions for central or instore printing of labels and advertising material, on the customers printing devices that meet the expectations in quality, speed and reliability of the processes. Our extended experience in retail organizations is the basis for our work and our consulting.

Label Printing in food production

Especially printing and applying labels for products, boxes and pallets in food production is an expert theme, as a variety of topics must be considered and to be considered. Not only the processes for producing an applying the labels have to be in focus – in addition, other topics like food safety play an important role. We provide the necessary international knowledge regarding these topics.

Coupon printing

Especially in retail, coupon printing is frequently used method to enhance customer sales. Solutions should be quick and cost efficient, eventually combine with kiosk systems for example with interactive solutions driven by PRESTIGEenterprise by Online Software AG, Germany, printing various coupon types, based on the customers demand. We provide special software solutions, based on quality hardware and software solutions.

RFID Labels / Tags

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags / labels are used in a number of different areas. We have gained experience also with programming and reading these RFID tags and can provide support in setting up solutions based on the RFID technology.

Laser and Inkjet printing

Laser and inkjet printing are very common printing methods and found in nearly all business areas. We have gained extensive knowledge in various areas of printing solutions, from high-speed with IBM AFP®, HPPCL®, PostScript®, EPL2 *) and others, even in distributed printing infrastructures and instore printing in retail.

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