Custom Software Design / Individual Projects

We makes custom software design for individual solutions for our customers for years in different business environments. By using our partner network, we can even offer additional development environments and languages now.

WPITCOM is developing individual solutions and components in the following environments

  • Windows .NET
    Special applications for desktop or server environments, often together with database connections to e.g. Microsoft SQL-Server or others.
  • PHP or Web components
    Special solutions or web site using WordPress, and / or PHP and other languages like JavaScript
  • Mobile Applications
    Mobile applications for public or company internal use for operation or optimization of workflows or communication.

Have individual needs in software .. ?

Do you have a need for an individual software solution or component to fulfill specific needs?

Do not hesitate to just give us a call or use or contact form to get in contact with us, we will be happy to make you an offer – and if we know of a standard software as well, we will recommend this …

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