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WPITCOM Display Display Box Software makes your advertising system open for input and output

WPITCOM announces its new product DisplayEngine Extender which enables digital screen advertising systems to react on external events like GPS, buttons, infrared, light barriers, approach sensors and other compatible hardware, as well as controlling hardware components, driven by events or directly by touching buttons on a locally hosted website.

Interactive Advertising on Screens
Functionality and Components

WPITCOM DisplayEngine Extender operates on Debian Jessie & Debian Stretch Operating systems for SBC’s (Single Board Computers), currently on Raspberry Pi3B+, having a variety of easily connectable external devices including GPS-Modules and other cost-efficient hardware. Soon also available on other Linux based hardware platforms.

Advantages of WPITCOM DisplayEngine Extender

This software product makes best use of the cost-efficient hardware, based on the Linux based operating systems Debian. Instead of using Standard-PC’s,

  • this hardware is cost-efficient
  • has a small footprint and can be installed easily
  • but is powerful, has no or few moving parts
  • has a variety of standardized add on hardware sensors and components

Different cost efficient hardware

The DisplayEngine Extender actually supports the hardware of Raspberry Pi2 / Pi3 and is currently transformed for the powerful Odroid C1+, C2 and XU4, which actually benefits of 8 core CPU and powerful GPU (graphic processing unit), which also supports hardware decoding of MPEG-4 videos, providing the power to event present 1080p Quality video.

Example – GPS in Public Transportation

The DisplayEngine Extender is installed on the local system and reacts on previously defined external events like touching an external button, approach, light barriers, keyboard, barcode scanner and GPS (NMEA 183 standard) to trigger events to be displayed on the attached system. Additionally the software can broadcast the event to a number of different units in order to synchronize these advertising systems.

DisplayEngine Extender with PRESTIGEenterprise

To display centrally defined content, based on the hardware events on the screen system, the separate license product PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine H5 is needed and can be operated either on the same SBC (Single Board Computer) or on another hardware component within the network.

Controlling multiple screens with one event

Broadcasting the hardware event to a number of defined receivers reduces the need that each system has to have the same external hardware. Best example is the GPS receiver, where one receiver is installed in the vehicle in public transportation (bus, train) and broadcasts the position to a number of advertising systems within the vehicle, all reacting in the same moment, when entering / approaching a defined are on the route and displays the defined advertising or station information.

Nagios® Connector

To control the function of the installed units, WPITCOM DisplayEngine Extender supports the transfer of information with a defined frequency to a NAGIOS® Server, centrally operated, so that the service department always has detailed information about the health status of the devices.

Controlling the screen

Allows the definition of planned on / off screen states, regular or defined for a specific date(s) or multiple periods of time per day. The system automatically switches the screen to standby or on status, depending on the defined plan. *)

Update Service

The Update Service provides a packages oriented possibility to update the devices as defined centrally in the server, so that the devices stay up to date.

The components of the WPITCOM DisplayEngine Extender

  • Event-Responders
  • Event-Broadcaster
  • Hardware-Director
  • Update-Manager
  • Nagios(R) Integrator
  • Screen Controller*)

Optional components:

GPS Tracker

Reports the position of the device encrypted frequently to a central server to monitor activity or uncommon behavior.

Custom / Individual Add-on Modules

Additional hardware support available on demand.

*) May require additional software license of 3rd party product

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Digital Signage
Digital Signage

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Odroid XU4 – Display Box Software – released

Odroid XU4

Display Box Software now fully supporting Hardkernel Odroid XU4

WPITCOM announces that now Hardkernel’s Odroid XU4 is fully supported by WPITCOM Display Box Software.

WPITCOM has highly optimized and integrated the entire product for enhanced support of Odroid XU4 including:

  • Automatic powerup / powerdown by Schedule *)
  • Enhanced graphical configuration
  • Screen / Display Management
  • Watchdog Services
  • Automatic Rebooting
  • Nagios® Reporting
  • Update Service
  • Remote Control
  • Eventhandling of external events incl. GPS

For complete list of Display Box Software functions:
Display Box Software Version 2

Odroid XU4
Odroid XU4 – Housing may vary

Technical data:

The Hardkernel Odroid XU4 is a powerful Single Board Computer

  • Samsung Exynos5422 Cortex™-A15 2Ghz and Cortex™-A7 Octa core (8) CPUs/li>
  • Mali-T628 MP6(OpenGL ES 3.1/2.0/1.1 and OpenCL 1.2 Full profile)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 3 USB Ports (2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0)
  • EMMC 5.0 or SSD UHS Card Storage
  • HDMI 1.4ª Standard
  • GPIO-Interface for Hardware-Extension
  • Different housing options

Excellent performance and rich features – Hardkernel Odroid XU4.

For more information on Odroid XU4:
Odroid XU4 Hardkernel Website

Feel free to contact us to evaluate the Display Box Software with the Odroid XU4.
Easy – fast – efficient – reliable.

*) Using Realtime Clock Battery for the integrated Realtime Clock of Odroid XU4

Business Partnership with Collax for Virtualization Products

WPITCOM is Collax Business-Partner

Virtualization products for SMB

WPITCOM now is sales partner of Collax, Munich, Germany for Central America.

Collax offers a powerful and most efficient range of products for the virtualization of servers, allowing the user to operate a number of virtual machine on a bare metal, sharing CPU, memory, harddisks and other devices.

Collax Germany Logo

Powerful and easy to manage solutions with an enhanced web based frontend to easily manage your virtual environment.

Attractive license price model

Server Virtualization starting at just 0,70 USD per day.1)

About Collax

Founded in 2005, Collax’s mission is to provide solutions for network infrastructures, communications and collaboration, protection and security, as well as high availability and virtualization, tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs) and freelancers. For us, the future lies in efficient IT platforms that are flexible, adaptable, stable and secure.

Collax is a German software company, engineering their solution in the south of Germany.
Solutions Made in Germany.

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VCube+ - cost efficient virtualization of servers

VCube+ - cost efficient virtualization of servers

Collax Business Server

For more information on our virtualization products, please contact us:

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WPITCOM Services for installation and setup of IT solutions

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1) Single node with v-cube, Price in USD, may vary due to exchange rate EUR-USD. License fees to be paid annually.
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PRESTIGEenterprise digital signage on Pi3 RASPBERRY

Raspberry Pi3b with PRESTIGEenterprise

Instore media and digital signage on Pi3 Raspberry

WPITCOM SA today announced that now the well-known software product for IN STORE digital signage and advertising PRESTIGEenterprise, by Online Software AG, Germany, also supports digital signage on Pi3 Raspberry four-core processor driven “credit-card size” single board computer to drive instore advertising screens and content.

The big advantage of this solution lies, besides often reduce hardware costs, in the fact that the board has no moving parts, like fans – and is operated on standard memory cards, which sizes can be individual chosen from 8 / 16 / 32 GB or bigger.

Digital signage on Pi3 Raspberry at the POS
Raspberry Pi3b with PRESTIGEenterprise

By using these very cost-efficient single board computers (SBC), the hardware investment cost for in store advertising systems might often be significantly reduced in contrast to use standard PC systems. The low power consumption is also an important factor during operation.

But nevertheless, 4 standard USB ports, HDMI- and audio-connection, as well as the included standard GPIO (General Purpose IO) 40-pin port allows us to choose from a wide range of additional available electronic circuits and sensors, like cameras, infrared (remote control), approach sensors, electronic switches and various others to even fulfill additional sales driving instore concepts, based on the use of enhanced technologies and recognition.

The system operates in a Linux™ – derivate and uses the PRESTIGEenterprise DisplayEngine in HTML5-Mode to display contents like pictures; template oriented product-related content or emotional presentations, videos and other content.

Optionally the playlist can be set up as event-driven, reacting on the extern event, like a customer holding a product barcode in front of an attached barcode scanner.

Availability for shipment and release is first half of June 2017.

Service: SSD Technology


System performace by using SSD

SSD stands for Solid-State-Drive. This technology is somehow comparable to large USB-sticks and replaces the standard mechanical harddrives more and more. But be aware, also SSD have different levels of speed, depending on the brand and the capabilities.

Your system or laptop seems to be slow – then one good option might be to replace the standard harddisk with an SSD-harddisk.

We have all the technology present to copy either mini-, micro- or Standard-SATA-Drives to SSD, following the highest possible security standards to make sure that your data will be perfectly and absolutely secure copied.

In our service department we offer the service to easily replace your old harddisk by an SSD – depending on the size of your harddisk, you can even sit down and wait with a nice cup of coffee.

This service is available for private end users as well as corporate clients.